Learning About Scarborough’s Rope with Lori Josephson

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Scarborough’s Reading Rope: An Illustration of Literacy Development

Veteran Educator and Literacy Consultant, Lori Josephson knows a lot about Scarborough’s Rope and she would like to share it with you! 

During her FREE Spring Into Summer June Workshop, Lori will demonstrate how the Reading Rope illustrates literacy development and teach parent and child attendees an array of FUN, engaging, hands-on literacy activities to help strengthen skills.

We have a special Spring Into Summer Workshop and Reading Rope preview!

Click here to watch her short demonstration video on our Youtube channel.

As shown in the illustration below, Scarborough’s Reading Rope consists of lower and upper strands: the word-recognition strands (phonological awareness, decoding, and sight recognition of familiar words) work together as the reader becomes accurate, fluent, and increasingly automatic with repetition and practice. Concurrently, the language-comprehension strands (background knowledge, vocabulary, language structures, verbal reasoning, and literacy knowledge) reinforce one another and then weave together with the word-recognition strands to produce a skilled reader (International Dyslexia Association, 2001, 2 (7)).

Would you like more literacy resources? 

Visit Lori’s website and find all of her wonderful resources.

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