Meet the Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tracy White-Weeden

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Keynote Speaker Highlights: 
Dr. White-Weeden has served as President and CEO of Neuhaus Education Center.
During her tenure, she has expanded the reach and impact of the Neuhaus Education Center from a local non-profit to a broader impact across the State of Texas, the nation, and the world. 
She is an enthusiastic equity advocate and speaks on the topic often. 
Check out her interview with The Science of Reading Podcast: “Ensuring Literacy Success for All”
Read her post, “It’s Time to Shift the Focus to our Mutual Enemy, Illiteracy,” on the Core Learning: Excellence in Education Blog. 
In the post, she argues for effective teacher training to better prepare both our educators and our students with the skills they need to succeed.

“Future teachers, you have the right to invest in universities that will equip you for success instead of maintaining philosophies that ultimately harm the children you are called to serve. Why should you pay tuition for poor preparation programs? And citizens, why should your tax dollars be invested in universities that fail to prepare teachers to help our scholars succeed at their first job, which is learning to read? We should elevate expectations so that universities act with a sense of urgency to reinvent how not only teachers but also leaders are prepared to apply the science of reading. It is unconscionable to set leaders and teachers up for ineffective professional practice when we can equip them with evidence-based practices.” 


Watch the video below and discover her energy and dedication to The Science of Reading and equity.  
Register today and see him along with three other nationally recognized literacy presenters LIVE at Rise Up! Thursday, October 20th, and Friday, 21st, 2022! 

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