Meet the Speaker: Kareem Weaver

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Speaker Highlights: 
Weaver is a leader of Full and Complete Reading is a Universal Mandate (FULCRUM) an organization that partners with various stakeholders to improve reading results for ALL students nationally and in California. 
He is a member of the  Oakland  and  California  NAACP Education Committees.
He is an active speaker and advocate (see below).
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Weaver was recently interviewed in an article in Time magazine: Inside the Massive Effort to Change the Way Kids are Taught to Read
In the article, his thoughts focus on the importance of structured literacy in teaching all children to read. 

“In Oakland, when you have 19% of Black kids reading—that can’t be maintained in the society,” says Weaver, who received an early and vivid lesson in the value of literacy in 1984 after his cousin got out of prison and told him the other inmates stopped harassing him when they realized he could read their mail to them. “It has been an unmitigated disaster.” In January 2021, the local branch of the NAACP filed an administrative petition with the Oakland unified school district (OUSD) to ask it to include “explicit instruction for phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension” in its curriculum. Weaver and his co-petitioners—including civil rights, educational, and literacy groups—want schools to spend more time in the youngest grades teaching the sounds that make up words and the letters that represent those sounds. His petition is part of an enormous rethink of reading instruction that is sweeping the U.S. So far this year, five states have passed laws that require training for teachers in phonics-based reading techniques, adding to the 13 that passed such laws last year.” 

Luscombe, B. (2022, August) Inside the Massive Effort to Change the Way Kids are Taught to Read. Time Magazine.

Watch this video and check out Kareem’s energy and vision! 
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