Task Force

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Task Force

Report of the Ohio Board of Regents Task Force for Pre-Service Teacher Training in Dyslexia:  Work Accomplished to Date

Task Force Charge:   The task force will use the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) Knowledge and Practice Standards (KPS) for Teachers of Reading, 2010 to develop guidelines for pre-service teacher education programs in Ohio. New pre-service guidelines will be based on the specific knowledge and skills needed to identify, assess, provide appropriate instruction for and monitor the progress of individuals with dyslexia as designated in the IDA standards.

Liaison to OBR:  Charlotte G. Andrist, Ph.D., NCSP – IDA Northern Ohio Branch Representative

Contact information:  (614) 288-8784, charlotteandrist@gmail.com

Task Force Selection: 15 task force members were chosen from across Ohio’s 5 geographic areas from a range of public versus private institutions and K – 12 Institutions versus Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs).

Task Force Outcomes (in progress):

  • Mapping of IDA Standards to the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession (OSTP).  This mapping will be posted on the OBR website.
  • IHE program review options for pre-service teacher training in dyslexia:
    • (IHEs will be required to choose one option)
    • Syllabus Rating Tool aligned with IDA Standards
    • Stand alone phonics course aligned with IDA Standards
    • Competency Exam (pending) aligned with IDA Standards
  • IHE Guidelines for a Dyslexia Certificate Program (optional program)
    • Implementation options:
      • IHEs will be required to incorporate one of the program review options for teacher training in dyslexia (listed in #2 above) into their pre-service teacher education programs on or before their next scheduled program review date.
    • Implementation target date:  fall, 2012.

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