Dyslexia Simulation News Feature: Experience the Challenges, Improve Understanding

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Our most recent Dyslexia Simulation was attended by a local news outlet, Spectrum News 1, and they captured compelling interview footage!

Click here and watch the Spectrum News 1 story. 

Teaching, parenting, tutoring, and advocating for community members with dyslexia and other literacy-based learning differences are how many IDA of Northern Ohio members spend their time. Though we are eager to strategize, tutor, and support, we are outsiders unable to completely understand the frustrations faced by these individuals in traditional learning environments.

Dyslexia Simulations allow individuals without dyslexia to experience simulated challenges to help build awareness and empathy. They also help us fine-tune literacy skill development strategies because through them we can sense the challenges found in a typical classroom learning experience. 

IDA of Northern Ohio hosts Dyslexia Simulations at schools and other institutions in our service area to shed light on literacy learning styles that are different from the norm. Typical learners easily gain literacy skills through a multitude of teaching methods but those with dyslexia require explicit, systematic instruction using strategies aligned with Structured Literacy. This type of instruction helps all learners gain literacy skills, but it is a necessary teaching strategy for individuals with dyslexia. 

The Spectrum News 1 story captures one attendee’s experience at our latest simulation held in early March at Shaker Heights High School in Shaker Heights, OH.  All attendees were guided through a series of activities that challenged them to read and write, some included the use of their non-dominant hand and many included scripted unhelpful instructor feedback. Simulated activities that students with dyslexia often face on a daily basis. The news story illustrates how disparaging these challenges can feel.

Our simulations provide this experience and also helpful resources that organizations can use to strengthen awareness and upgrade their programming. 

We are proud to bring this needed awareness to our region and can host Dyslexia Simulations throughout the northern OH region!

If you think your school or organization would be interested in hosting we are happy to discuss how our simulations help teachers, parents, and other interested individuals grow their understanding of dyslexia and its challenges in traditional learning environments.

Contact us and learn more about the Dyslexia Simulation process!  


Photos of IDA of Northern Ohio Dyslexia Simulations and our team. 

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