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We are happy you found IDA of Northern Ohio (NOBIDA).

We are a branch of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA), the premier non-profit literacy organization dedicated to the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based, quantitative research in literacy instruction.

Literacy instruction is influenced by qualitative and quantitative research. Learn which studies have helped influence informed decisions on literacy instruction.

Welcome, from the President

NOBIDA consists of an all-volunteer Board of Directors and Advisory Council including educators, researchers, parents, and advocates.

We are a community of individuals, a network not a physical location, offering hope, education, and the opportunity for personal success to people with dyslexia and those that interact with them in Northeastern Ohio.  

Our offerings include workshops for educators and parents, an annual symposium, dyslexia simulations, and many other resources.

Enthusiastic about our mission, we pledge to work tirelessly until everyone can read.

Reach out today and we will help you find the resources you need. 

Our 34th Annual Symposium was a great success! 

  • Rise Up! welcomed three nationally recognized speakers to our region. Dr. Tracy White-Weeden, Dr. Elsa Cardenas Hagan, Kareem Weaver, and Dr. Rebecca Tolson presented best practices on how to achieve equity in literacy instruction.
  • We were delighted to host a FREE, lively, equity-focused Panel Q&A with all 4 presenters and you can find the recorded video HERE. 
  • If you are interested in learning more from these presenters, we have extended our registration period for our recorded Symposium presentations. 
  • Find the details and purchase recorded access registration HERE.  

OH HB 436 requirements for Ohio school districts go into effect for the 2023-24 school years. 

Find the details and all OH HB 436 (Dyslexia screeners and guidebook) updates here.

In order to understand the implementation and optimism around HB 436, we encourage you to learn about Structured Literacy Curricula. 

If you have further questions about Structured Literacy and NOBIDA’s resources, please reach out.

Thank you,

Andrea Thomas, M.Ed., C.A.L.T.

NOBIDA Board President

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