Ask Marilyn: Multisensory Math 1 FAQ’s

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Marilyn Zecher is coming to N. Canton, Ohio, June 10-14, 2024.


Continue reading for a roundup of the most frequently asked questions about her course.

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Marilyn Zecher M.A., CALT, has been working with students and training educators for the past 23 years. She is a Nationally Certified Academic Language Therapist specializing in applying O-G Multisensory Strategies for teaching Math. A vibrant and entertaining instructor, she believes strongly in using pictorial math and linguistic connections in teaching to solve math problems.  




1. What is included in your Multisensory Math 1 course?

The 2024 Multisensory Math 1 is based on Orton Gillingham’s philosophy and applies the research-based Concrete-Representation-Abstract (CRA) approach to math instruction. My 2024 course covers the most up-to-date material available and is held over 5 days (6 hours each day.) 

We will review the latest research, core instruction strategies, practices in teaching methodology, lesson planning, intervention descriptions, and word problems. This year, I am excited to teach from a new book covering learning strategies for students with dyscalculia. We will consider the linguistic components of teaching math. For instance, evidence suggests that if students can draw a pictorial representation of a math word problem, they can often solve it!

All attendees will receive a 325-page manual and access to a Dropbox folder full of materials (especially targeted for kids with special needs.)


2. What does this course provide beyond the past workshops you have hosted for NOBIDA? 

Most importantly, I will be teaching this course LIVE. More active than the virtual experience, we will be able to work together and the energy will be contagious.  Attendees will have live access to me and my assistant. All are encouraged to participate in discussions and gain hands-on experience. 

The 2024 course provides other professional benefits. We are offering 30 Continuing Hours (CEUs through ALTA.) The course has been vetted by universities and I am happy to be able to offer graduate credits. All attendees receive a 325-page manual and access to a Dropbox folder full of materials (especially targeted for kids with special needs.)

Multisensory Math 1 is longer and more intense than my prior workshops, which run 1-4 days and simply provide a research overview, helpful strategies, and demonstrations. 


3. Why do you think we need this type of course for current educators?

Everything offered in Multisensory Math 1 is concept-based and is not tied to any specific curriculum. Therefore, it can be used in any curriculum and implemented in any daily lesson. Teachers can use it to help children catch up to keep up, something that is greatly needed in many classrooms. 

Research shows that students are not only unable to perform math at grade level but many are not equipped with the basic skills needed to understand their current grade level math. My approach equips teachers with the skills necessary to help students fill in their gaps in learning. 

This support helps students, who may be behind, succeed in middle school and upper-level math once they have mastery over these basic skills. 

Further, the course is useful for all types of learners and is a beneficial methodology for students with learning differences. 

I am excited to offer this updated and effective approach for all teachers using ALL types of curriculums. You’ll be amazed at how approachable and instrumental this approach is in helping all students thrive in math.  

Join me and find out for yourself! Your students will thank you. 

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